Facts and Unanswered Questions:

*This is NOT a financial decision. It is a PROGRAMMING choice.

Selling 5 camps to turn 2 camps into leadership centers will NOT save GSNEO money in the long run.

Unanswered Questions:
* What is a Premier Leadership Center?
* How did the GSNEO Board of Directors reach this decision?
* What are the true statistics of camp usage?
* What alternatives were considered?
* How will enough capacity to meet demand be maintained?

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What You Can Do:

*Tell your delegate to vote yes on October 29th on the ammendment to stop the sale of the camps until a further evaluation with accurate data is conducted.
*Make a donation to help save the camps
* Talk to everyone you know
* Host a booth or table at community events
* Post posters in libraries
* Write letters to the editors of newspapers (Plain Dealer, Akron Beacon Journal, Canton Repository, etc.)
* Write letters to GSNEO staff, GSNEO Board of Directors, and GSUSA

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