Wonken Tonken

A favorite platform tent unit just South of the gas cut.  The name is said to mean "Light at the Top of the Hill" in a native tribal language.  Some say that in Lakota, the words "Waken Tanka" is the name of the Great Spirit. It's impossible to know the "right spelling" because native languages weren't written down. But certainly the spirit of the name evokes a Sacred Power breaking through common reality at this place.

The September, 1984 edition of The Millwheel mentions:  ....the trees cut down to clear the area for the new Waken Tonka [sp] Tent Unit were also cut into lumber and used to build the shelter.  It's good planning and sentimental too!  I found that in talking to Peg [the camp manager] that careful planning and use of everything is studied and practised in our camps.  Well, that should be no surprise, typical Girl Scouts always!"